Workshops for wellbeing

Including Data of the Heart

For adults, young people and children. All creative materials are provided.

Our Words, Our Senses, Our Health: In this workshop we look at how our choice of words influences the way we see and judge our difficulties. We also pay attention to what our sensations may be telling us, and consider the possibility that our feelings are an important source of information. Young people from age twelve are welcome, but they need to be accompanied by an adult. Two hours, £14.00 per person.

Creative Writing ~ Mini-poem Therapy: Writing about things that have meaning for us can open the heart and bring a feeling of peace. In these workshops a range of lovely objects from the natural world, vibrant photographs and quality art materials encourage our imagination. The workshops are suitable for participants of any age and ability.  Two hours, £10 per person.

Emotional resilience ~ what does it mean to us as individuals, and can we really develop it? In these workshops we look at what we might do to enhance our wellbeing in educational settings, at work, and in daily life. We acknowledge the kinds of circumstances that can reduce our resilience, and look at how we might sometimes expect too much, or too little of ourselves. We also discuss how our society and the behaviours of other people can reduce our resilience, and think about how we might challenge these problems where possible. This workshop is suitable for anyone over eighteen. Three hours, £20 per person.

Literacy and the young person’s world:  This workshop shares principles and approaches that can help you to engage children and young people in developing their literacy and communication skills, while enabling them to consider and discuss the influence of the world they live in. Compassion and respect for the learner are essential in any educational process and Aleph shows how these can create a foundation for self-esteem. Three hours, £30 per person.

Confidence at Last!  (Our theme: Me as a Creature, Me as a Tree.) For young people aged nine years and upward who are facing challenges in literacy and experiencing elevated levels of anxiety, a relaxed and creative workshop where innate ability can arise. Through an imaginative literacy activity, young people can gain the confidence to widen their vocabulary and enjoy the process of learning. This workshop can also be tailored to the needs of the young people you support. Ninety minutes, £10 per young person. (£3 of this fee goes to a charity. You will receive information about the chosen charity beforehand and receive a receipt showing that the donation has been given.)

You can see the programme for this here:

Make a Talisman Book: A workshop for children and young people aged eight and above, but for adults too! Make a little book that contains calming and confidence-boosting activities for a nervous child. All materials are supplied. £10.00 per person. (Send a message if you would like to see an example of how this book can look.)

Creative Life ~ Therapeutic activities for people living with cognitive difficulties:  A workshop that shares therapeutic and creative activities for people living with dementia or other cognitive impairment. Offering new ideas with sensitivity can enable people to enjoy activities that they have never tried, and hidden abilities can often come to light. Two hours, £18 per person.

Opal Heart: This is not a workshop but a monthly gathering for bereaved parents. Anyone who has lost a child will be warmly welcomed. You can write, draw, paint, or just talk. Nothing is expected. A small donation will be appreciated, to cover the cost of refreshments and materials used. Please feel free to contact me with any questions that you have about the gathering.

Data of the Heart: I share my discovery of the important communications that take place between the heart, the emotions and the subconscious. Two and a half hours, £30 per person.