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From work with Year 6 students taking a literacy progression course, a number of whom experienced learning difficulties

A range of literacy topics were covered in the course. At the end, a feedback form invited students to be open about their experience of our sessions. They could respond anonymously and in their own time, by posting their replies to our work space. Below are responses from eighteen students to the questions: “Do you feel you have learnt from this course? If so, can you say what you have learnt?”,  “What helped you to enjoy the work and to learn in our sessions?” and, “Did anything make it difficult for you to learn in our sessions, or make it difficult for you to enjoy the work?”

“I have learnt a lot about reading and writing descriptions and taking information from sheets and books.”

“I remember you teaching us persuasive writing which really helped because our topic in literacy is persuasive writing. I learnt a lot and really enjoyed it. I would enjoy going again.”

“I have learned to make much better sentences.”

“Yes it has helped me a lot.”

“I have learnt how to write in better words…we discussed things and talked to each other.”

“I learnt a lot when we played the dinosaurs game.”

“I have learned that reading between the lines means reading beyond the lines; I have also learnt to pick out pieces of information that is actually needed.”

“I liked my teacher very much because she was very nice and also helped me very much when I got stuck on my work.”

“I feel that I have learned a lot since doing reading between the lines.”

 “Making them [topics] interesting and not talking me to death.”

“[I learnt from] the exercise of the fun story.”

“I did learn quite a bit because it was really hard at first, but it is easy, so I find it a lot easier now to read between the lines. I can take information and now retrieve. What I have learned was how to read bits from a story and say what happened.  The learning which was helpful was using pieces of text to help me and the enjoyable thing was the alien report.”

“Nothing made me not enjoy the progress unit.”

“I can’t think of anything that made it difficult.”

“I have learnt to read in front of a group of people.”

“I like [what we learnt] when we played the dinosaur game.”

“We discussed things and talked to each other.”

“[I am] seeing words and I find it easier reading.”

“Thank you for being our teacher!”

From a workshop with adults taking The Certificate in Delivering Learning

“Really interesting subject. Clear Aims & Obs & really good activities. I think a lot of us realised that the pictures [that we drew] could have a lot of meaning. Great session.”  J.P.

“Carrie delivered a very interesting topic today and was informative. Carrie used a lot of lovely resources and got the group to interact well. It was therapeutic.”  K.R.

“Lovely session. Well delivered and a brave experiment. Fun activity to deal with a subject that has a lot of personal resonance for me. Thanks.”  P.J.

“A good session of stimulating our imagination. Well paced. Good resources and a very interesting subject and one Carrie you have a lot of knowledge about. An enjoyable exercise using expression and artistic creation.” S.M.

“Good lesson, excellent activity. Using the animals and drawing was good fun. Communication with students was very good. Handout was clear and concise.”  D.S.

“Varied resources and enjoyable expressive activities. Pleasant friendly tone and manner.”  D.Y.

“Very thought provoking session. Allow people to relive their childhood and good for people in Child Health.”  L.R.

“Good activity, enjoyed it. Good interaction with the group. Nice handouts, went through aims and objectives. Well done!”  S.E.

From work with individuals, both children and adults

“My Son instantly clicked with Carrie. He feels very comfortable learning and he is finding his lessons enjoyable. We have noticed improvements both with his motivation and concentration. Feedback from my Son’s school has been very good. Thank you.”  C.B.

“People watching this happen [with children] would think it’s magic.”  V.S.

“The help has been excellent.”  A.Z.

“I am so pleased to tell you the mark for my essay, 65%. I am so pleased and grateful for your advice. Thank you again for the help you gave me and the way you made me feel comfortable in my learning and the confidence you gave me.”  E.F.

“Carrie Gaye assisted me with an essay that I was working on for my degree. This involved advising me and assisting me to perfect my grammar in the essay. During the lessons I had with Carrie she remained professional, provided informative advice giving me encouragement and confidence. I would not hesitate to recommend Carrie as she was very thorough and offered a lot of information and guidance.”  E.F.

“My experience in learning the English language was very happy. My tutor Carrie Gaye is very kind, intelligent and innovative. It was really a great opportunity that God gave me. Thank you Carrie Gaye! God always take care of you !!”  A.B.

From work with people living with cognitive difficulties

“We all think that the work you do is fantastic.”   P.C.

“You have built up such rapport with so many of our relatives and have such insight into my Mum.”   H.H.

“You do a really fantastic and worthwhile job. We value your input and enthusiasm very highly, you go the extra mile for all our relatives.”   L.C.

“I hope you know how much we have appreciated the work you have done”.   J.B. / M.B.

“No other member of staff knows our relatives as well as you do and the way you draw them out and interact with them is second to none. Your job is invaluable. I want you to know that you are valued for the excellent job you do.” T.L.

“Your cheerful and willing presence was always a delight to see…you went out of your way to help my wife…always doing your utmost for her benefit, and that was fully recognised by me and hugely appreciated, so I am most grateful for all your efforts.” M.C.

“You managed to get my mum out of her room when no-one else could, not even I, you encourage her to make crafts and paint, not only did you help mum but you helped me too. Thank you for making my mum smile.”   E.B.