Meet Gnom Com!

Twelve friendly characters are here to help younger learners enjoy a fully personalised literacy aid – delivered to your inbox. Your child can choose which of the characters are featured. If you wish, you can request the font of your choice, as well as vision-friendly font colour and background shading. 

See larger images of these happy characters by scrolling all the way down.


First – find out about the Gnom Com Adventure Workshop!

A fun workshop where children aged four years and upward can enjoy learning about the magical place where the Gnom Com characters live. Children will be invited to imagine and illustrate new adventures for their chosen characters. They will also explore interesting ways to describe things, which will add variety to their vocabulary. Every child will receive a Gnom Com greeting card and a Gnom Com certificate for taking part. Price: £6.50 per child, £9.00 for two children attending together.

A booklin

A carefully crafted Aleph booklet to reassure and entertain. The one featured on this page is an aid to developing a sense of self worth. See examples of what the first four pages might contain. There are fourteen pages, the first showing a photograph of your child. £20.00

Snip 1 29 09 16
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A story

Each story is short; approximately 460-500 words long. You may like the story to be themed in particular way; perhaps educationally, or to touch upon a worrying issue with sensitivity and understanding. Feel free to discuss this with me. See an example below (Please note, this shows just the beginning of a story). £14.00

Two colourful worksheets

Each sheet will tackle a different literacy topic. You can choose the topic that best suits your child’s current requirements. The sheets can of course be photocopied and re-used. See examples below. £7.00

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Snip 3
Literacy flash sheets

A set of 12 literacy flash sheets. Each Gnom Com character is featured. An abridged example can be seen by clicking here: Flash-sheets-activity-tricky-spellings-no-1-pdf  £5.00

Gnom Com game

A set of 28 ‘cards’, sized 7×5″, for you to print off. The game is designed to assist your child in various areas of early literacy and is played by two children or by a child with an adult. Each Gnom Com character is featured. Please request an online viewing of the activity. Price: £9.00.


Hello! We are Gnom Com
We love to help with self esteem, and with all kinds of literacy tasks. Perhaps your young person would like to send an email to us about a tricky piece of writing that they have to do. Perhaps they are worried about their spellings, how to use punctuation, or how to describe things in interesting ways. And of course, many young people like to write to us when they are worried about things that are happening at school. We always reply, and you don’t have to pay.


                                                   Online safety is assured – all contact comes via a parent or guardian


                                         You can find out about each of us by clicking here: Gnom Com Have Fun!

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