Training with Aleph

Literacy Made Liberating; Easing Fears and Uncovering Ability  –  Three hours

Training that shares Aleph’s principles in regard to the compassionate teaching of literacy. You will learn how to use creative approaches that make literacy enjoyable and empowering for young people. All materials are supplied. Please call or email to discuss the venue.   £30 per person

Therapeutic Learning Workshop – Six hours.

Covering a wider range of approaches, you can learn more about Therapeutic Learning techniques and the reasons behind them. This way you can help a child, young person or adult to feel comfortable with – and even excited by – the challenges of learning. You will also discover how to use therapeutic activities that can uncover some of the problems that arise in various learning situations, and look at ways to negotiate such difficulties with those in authority at school, college, university or the workplace. The workshop will also be of value to those who work with young people in further education or training. All materials are supplied. Please call or email to discuss the venue.   £48 per person

Understanding Therapeutic Learning; Online Course  – Twelve Hours

You may like to take a four week online course, during which you will receive unlimited guidance via email, telephone and Skype.  £100 per person. 

What you can expect

I will share with you the principles that underpin Aleph Therapeutic Learning approaches and which make them effective, along with a range of original resources and activities. We look at the important issue of learning-related anxiety and how this will not be resolved without understanding and compassion. I encourage you to be creative and to see the process of learning in a new way. We see how learning can be gained when we allow diversion from a topic, and how expressions of discontent can be used to advantage.

When you take the online course, you will be required to do some writing every week, or, if writing presents particular difficulty, to make some audio recordings for me to hear. During the course I will provide unlimited support, and shall continue to provide that for a full month after your course ends.


When using Aleph approaches there can often be an immediate improvement in the learner’s confidence and ability. However, because of the highly personal nature of learning, it may take up to four sessions with your own young person or with your student/s for you to develop a full understanding of their difficulties, and to choose the best ways to respond. In showing you my approaches, I do my very best to enable you to have your young person or your students feeling much more at ease with learning and far more trusting in their own ability by their fifth session with you. With the Aleph approach, almost all learners will begin to show more skillful use of language, both verbally and in written form.