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A low income should not prevent anyone from receiving a service that can contribute positively to their education or well-being. I do my best to keep fees as low as possible. I also provide some of my services for a negotiable or donation-only fee; please see below.  A donation can be any amount – however small.

The workshops are usually held in Brixham and the wider Torbay area. If you would like a workshop provided elsewhere, please ask and we can discuss the cost. 

I am sometimes able to provide a one-time workshop for charitable or voluntary organisations, without cost; the workshop would need to be focused on the mental well-being of your staff.

Our Words, Our Senses, Our Health. This is a non-profit workshop where a fee of £3.50 per person covers materials and refreshments. In this two-hour workshop we honour our mental health by re-thinking the words that we use to describe it. Clinical diagnoses can be very helpful, but the aim of this workshop is to explore the possible benefits of re-naming personal mental health difficulties in our own words. Creative activities will help us to express ourselves in this. Young people are especially welcome; if you are under eighteen you will be asked to bring a trusted adult. 

Emotional Resilience; How do we define it and can we develop it? In this workshop we ask, “What kinds of things can make it difficult to develop emotional resilience?” and, “What would emotional resilience mean to me personally? What would it feel like?”  We use creative activities to help us describe different kinds of resilience and look at ways to grow our emotional stability. This is a three hour workshop which allows for ample discussion. Young people are especially welcome; if you are under eighteen you will be asked to bring a trusted adult. £18 per person if you represent an organisation. Fee by donation if you come as an individual.

Confidence at Last!

A workshop for young people aged ten years and upward. Through an imaginative literacy activity, young people can gain the confidence to widen their vocabulary and enjoy the process of learning. This workshop can also be made bespoke to the literacy needs of the young people that you support, so feel free to tell me what you have in mind. The workshop is free to charitable organisations, although a nominal fee of £2 – £6 is required to cover the cost of printed materials. Where groups of friends would like to host this workshop for their children at home, a fee can be negotiated.

Opal Heart; Living with the loss of a child.  Those who have lost a child of any age will be warmly welcomed at a monthly gathering in Brixham. These gentle gatherings offer a welcoming space for anyone living with this profound loss, as they will be with others who understand. Guests can paint, write or draw to help express their feelings, or simply choose a creative activity for relaxation. These are non-profit gatherings where £3.00 per person will cover the cost of materials and refreshments. They are offered on the first Saturday of each month, from 1-3 pm. Please contact Carrie to find out about the venue.

Poetry in Miniature; Beautiful Things … A Mini-Poem Workshop. Attend a relaxing workshop where lovely objects from the natural world can encourage your creativity. See why poems do not need to rhyme. Feel inspired to write some heartfelt lines of your own. Express your feelings in a greeting card. Add to your confidence in writing, or even further your interest in poetry.  All resources are provided. £7 per person. 

Therapeutic activities for people living with cognitive difficulties.  A two-hour workshop, sharing my experience in providing a variety of therapeutic and creative activities for people living with dementia or other impairments to cognition. Many people in these circumstances will enjoy activities that they have never tried before, revealing abilities that have been hidden. Fee by donation.

Workplace Relationships.  Defining boundaries, experiencing pressures and feeling weighed down with responsibilities long after we leave the workplace can take a toll on our health. In this two-hour workshop we can explore these difficulties and look at ways to address them.  £18 per person.

The arising of difficult thoughts in mindfulness or relaxation practice, and in every-day life.  A two-part workshop that enables us to look at different ways to respond to these tricky encounters.  Personally tailored mindfulness and self-affirming visualisations are included. £8 per session.


For individuals:  A session of one hour and ten minutes  –  £28  (Negotiable if you are on a low income and by donation if you are unemployed)

For Groups:  A session of one hour and ten minutes        –   £80 

I am a qualified, experienced counselling therapist who uses an Integrative approach. Over the centuries, many different perspectives have evolved for the purpose of exploring and understanding human difficulties. An Integrative counselling therapist has been trained to call upon this rich tapestry of ideas, integrating into their practice the insights offered. This enables a particular freedom of thought, so Integrative practitioners will invariably bring their own creative techniques to therapy. This approach offers both children and adults a highly personalised experience of counselling. It may be possible for me to provide counselling at your home.


A meeting of one hour and fifteen minutes – £80 

I can provide sensitive mediation in personal and corporate settings. Mediation can enable a fuller understanding of problems while encouraging the kind of communication that brings about solutions.


We shall discuss all aspects of confidentiality before we begin working together.