Other services

A low income should not exclude anyone from receiving a service that can contribute positively to their education or well-being. Please let me know if your funds are low and we can discuss ways to make your required service affordable.

Enquire about the new mental well-being workshop: Our Words, Our Senses, Our Health. This is a non-profit-making workshop where a fee of £5.00 will cover materials and refreshments. In this two hour workshop we can honour our mental health by thinking about the words we use to describe it, and by finding ways to express our feelings creatively. The venue will usually be in Brixham, but it may also be possible to provide the workshop elsewhere.

Aleph Therapeutic Learning Workshop

£24.00 for a three hour workshop

Learn how to use a range of Aleph Therapeutic Learning approaches. All materials are supplied. Please call or email to discuss the venue.

Online tuition for children, young people and adult learners

£16.00 for a session of one hour 

I provide online tuition via Skype and email. Worksheets and activities are fully personalised for every student. Optional unlimited email and/or telephone support between sessions is included in the price.

Online guidance for those who are supporting young people in literacy and issues of self esteem

£16.00 for a weekly Skype of 30 minutes, plus unlimited email support

If you would like assistance in helping a child or young person to gain confidence and skill in literacy, and/or to help develop self esteem, I can provide guidance. 

Therapeutic activities for people living with cognitive difficulties

£15.00 per person for a two hour workshop 

I am experienced in providing a variety of therapeutic and creative activities for people experiencing dementia and isolation. Many people in these circumstances will enjoy activities that they have never tried before, revealing abilities that have been hidden. I am sometimes able to visit people in their own homes. 


£50.00 for a session of one hour and fifteen minutes 

I can provide sensitive mediation in personal and corporate settings. Mediation can enable a fuller understanding of problems while encouraging the kind of communication that brings about solutions.


For individuals:  £28.00 for a session of one hour and fifteen minutes  

For Groups:  £80.00 for a session of one hour and fifteen minutes

I am an experienced counselling therapist who uses an Integrative approach. Over the centuries, many different perspectives have evolved for the purpose of exploring and understanding human difficulties. An Integrative counselling therapist has been trained to call upon this rich tapestry of ideas, integrating into their practice the insights offered. This enables a particular freedom of thought, so Integrative practitioners will invariably bring their own creative techniques to therapy. This approach offers both children and adults a highly personalised experience of counselling. It may be possible for me to provide counselling at your home.


We shall discuss all aspects of confidentiality once we have started to work together.