What do we hope for when attending counselling?

If we haven’t attended counselling before, it can feel daunting. We hope that we will not be judged, that our difficult feelings will be understood and respected. It’s likely that we expect help in creating changes that could make life less painful and more enjoyable. All counselling approaches are designed to help fulfil these hopes.

I am a qualified, experienced counselling therapist who uses an Integrative approach. Over the centuries, different ideas have evolved for the purpose of exploring and understanding human difficulties. An Integrative counselling therapist has been trained to call upon this rich tapestry of perspectives, integrating into their practice the insights offered. This enables a particular freedom of thought, so Integrative practitioners will invariably bring their own creative techniques to therapy. This approach offers a highly personalised experience of counselling. It may be possible for me to provide counselling at your home.

My fee is £30 for one hour and ten minutes. But please note, if you are on a low income we can speak about affordable options; I believe that financial hardship should not prevent a person from receiving the benefit of support.