Aleph Therapeutic Learning; Mental Health in Education, at Work and in Community Life

Aleph Therapeutic Learning is based in Brixham, Devon.

Exploring the elements that contribute to mental and emotional well-being  

Mental and emotional well-being are never separate from learning or from society – each of these create the whole. There are many ways to enhance well-being in educational and other institutional settings, as well as in daily life. It is also important to consider the circumstances that reduce well-being, and look at how we might best respond to those. Aleph provides a range of workshops that explore these themes. Please click on ‘All services’ in the menu bar for further information.

Literacy and the young person’s world 

Aleph shares principles and approaches that can help you to engage children and young people in developing their literacy and communication skills, while enabling them to consider and discuss the influence of the world they live in. Compassion and respect for the learner are essential in any educational process and Aleph shows how these can create a foundation for self-esteem. Please see various options in the menu bar for further information.  

Creative writing workshops 

Writing activities that make reference to our own experience will almost always produce heartfelt self-expression, and may even bring a sense of inner freedom. In these workshops a range of beautiful photographs, objects from the natural world and quality art materials encourage the imagination. Offering these resources with sensitivity can be especially stimulating for those living with cognitive difficulty. The workshops are suitable for participants of any age. Please click on ‘All services’ in the menu bar for further information.

Profound Bereavement  

Aleph now offers a gathering for people living with profound loss. Please click on ‘All services’ in the menu bar for further information.